Winter Tips

When water freezes, it expands, and can cause pipes to split, resulting in a flood when they thaw out.

When low temperatures are in the forecast:
  • Raise the setting on your thermostat.  Heating pipes have thinner walls and can freeze before other plumbing, causing a domino effect of freeze-ups that can be disastrous.
  • If you have plumbing fixtures on exterior walls, run a heater nearby or leave the water dripping to prevent pipes from freezing up and bursting.
  • Know where your water shut off valves are so you can stop the flooding in the event that a pipe bursts from the cold.
  • Make sure your hose bibs are drained for the winter.
During the warmer months:
  • Add insulation around problem pipes to prevent headaches next winter.
  • In new construction and renovation projects, make sure pipes are adequately insulated.
  • Replace old hose bibs with frost proof hose bibs.

If your pipes freeze despite your best efforts – call Polo Plumbing & Heating!