Oil to Gas Conversions

Polo Plumbing specializes in oil to gas conversions.Plans are in place to bring natural gas services to more and more Long Island communities in the coming months and years.  Communities where gas wasn’t an option in the past can now take advantage of the savings and convenience of gas heat.

Why convert your heating system from oil to gas?
  • It generally costs less to heat a home with gas than oil, even with similar efficiency ratings on the boilers.
  • We can install high efficiency gas boilers that will save you even more money on your home heating bills.  Gas heat is clean.  There are no spills, no oil tanks taking up space and causing other concerns, and no deliveries or missed deliveries to worry about.
  • Energy Star rebates are often available for your new efficient gas boiler.  We can help you choose a new boiler that’s eligible for this tax credit.

Depending upon the efficiency of the unit you select, the cost of your oil to gas conversion can pay for itself in as little as two years between the energy savings and tax savings.

Polo Plumbing & Heating can install any boiler of your choice, including wall-hung units for use in flood prone areas, but the installation still needs to be coordinated with PSEG if it’s a new natural gas service.